Felipe Alcântara

Felipe Alcântara
Felipe Alcântara

Felipe Alcântara is a brazilian singer and songwritter.

As he shifted his career, he needed a website that reflected his new phase as a solo performer.

Despite the dark classic tones of his branding, Felipe is a very energetic guy and he wanted to let this side of him shine throughout the website.

Overview of Felipe's Website (home and internal pages)

With that in mind, we developed a series of subtle animations that you can find while interacting with the site, including a mouse-sensitive link made with SVG mask for the header of the home page.

See the Pen SVG Mask With Link by Camila Waz (@camila_waz) on CodePen.

The website was created to serve as a hub for Felipe's musical career. He wanted a place to concentrate all the official information and communications channels.

Homepage and initial wireframe